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Encounter10x10 rules and details

Open to all tiers of Encounter terrain Patreon members:
Join the patreon here:
This competition is an opportunity for fellow crafters to make a small piece of terrain or scatter and craft in a friendly competition for your chance to win glory and honour.
The whole purpose of this competition is to bring the community of crafters together and share the love for the hobby.
Rules of the competition:
  1. Pieces can be made from what ever crafting mediums you choose and must be purpose built for the Encounter10x10 and not for any other crafting/diorama contests happening simultaneously.

  2. Final piece MUST have a footprint base that is 10cm x 10cm or smaller. It does not need to be on a square base. it can be any shape or size you choose as long as the overall footprint  is 10x10cm or less.

  3. Crafters have one month from the competition start date to complete your build.

  4. All models must be built to a tasteful manner. Nothing sexist/racist/discriminative or to do with current political situations. (unless it is racial discriminative against goblins, or trolls.... those troll bastards...

  5. There is no height restriction, 

  6. an overhang of 5cm in each direction is aloud, this means if anything needs to hang over the edge there is a 5cm allowance for that. its is not allocated building space.

  7. On the day the competition begins a "MYSTERY OBJECT" such as a coin or a pen will be selected as an object that your first work in progress photo must be taken with. This is simply so that crafters are not starting before the start date and keeping everyone on a fair crafting field. 

  8. Work in progress photos, (WIP). Ongoing WIP's are not required. Only one needs to be submitted over the group chat when you start your build which must be photographed including the object described in rule 8.

  9. Bullying/bad sportsmanship (craftsmanship) will not be tolerated at all. Crafters who do not follow this will be removed from the competition instantly with no warning and will not be aloud to participate again. I have a ZERO tolerance policy towards this.

What the judges looking for:
  • Theme interpretation is a big part of what the judges want to see. An original idea that plays with the theme. The more out of the box and "not seen before" ideas are encouraged.
  • various materials and techniques used
  • Finish of the piece - no matter how complicated or simple, the finish makes a big difference. a very well finished, simple piece will be judged higher than an unfinished idea that is really complicated
  • Originality. Self explanatory. make something or a version of something that hasn't been seen before
The theme for each months competition will be given out a few days before the competition starts. Themes are very broad so your individual interpretation the theme is encouraged. 
Submission photos/video will need to be uploaded into the monthly shared gallery which can be accessed from the "competitions" drop down menu at the the top of the website. This is made available during the final weekend of the build dates and remains open for 4 days from competition completion date.
Photo/Video submission details:
Entry uploads must state in the comments or as a description if your entry is a diorama or terrain.
Entrants are to upload three photos or two photos and one video.
One photo MUST show the full piece, from what ever angle you feel is best but it must show the entirety of the build.
Photo collages are not allowed as they contain as multiple photos. If your build is large, get creative with your photo/video submissions.
The remaining two photos/video can be taken how ever you wish.
Videos must be between 20-30 seconds.
Two categories of entry are Terrain and Diorama:
There will be three crafters selected for glory and honour.
  • 1st place winner - selected by the panel of judges.
  • 2nd place winner - selected by the panel of judges.
  • Crafters choice award - selected by the crafters competing.
  • Encounter Terrain award - awarded by Jo Levin to a build that excites him for what ever reason it may be.
Winners will receive Glory & Honour! 
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